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  • How Can I Avoid Commission Conflicts?

    Some commission structures are simple and straightforward. Others, such as continuing commissions on a commercial lease, can be more complicated. But one thing they all have in common – they must be properly written and executed in order to be enforceable.

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  • Structure your Business for Success

    Erwin Law can help you choose your best option.   Real estate investors and developers are often well versed in assessing properties, analyzing cap rates, zoning issues, property tax concerns and other matters related to real estate due diligence. Yet they often overlook, or give little importance to, the structure of their business and the… Read more »

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  • The ICPA in Practice: Has Section 22.1 Lost its Meaning? 

    We reviewed the matter, and are featured in the ‘Legal Updates’ section of the CAI webpage: http://www.cai-illinois.org/association-disclosures-section-22-1-illinois-condominium-property-act/

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  • Developer Turnover To The Association in New Developments:

    How to affect a smooth transition.

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  • FHA Certification and Condominium Associations:

    An association has the right to elect to not pursue FHA certification.

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  • You don’t need an attorney – or do you?

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  • The Chicago Tribune cites James Erwin

    about funding major improvements for a condominium associaiton.

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  • The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project

    Chicagoland Cooperator article featuring James Erwin of Erwin & Associates.

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Erwin News

  • Congratulations to our client, BEx LLC

    Congratulations to our client, BEx LLC, a leading developer of FX trading solutions, on its successful collaboration with Northern Trust.  We’re pleased to have been a part of the legal team that worked to bring this major business advancement deal to fruition. We invite you to contact Erwin Law to discuss how we can help grow your company. Read… Read more »

  • We’re On the Air…

    with our first-ever radio spots — now playing on WFMT – 98.7 FM! Listen for us during morning drive time, Mondays through Fridays.