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The New Corporate Transparency Act: What YOU Need to Know

The US government recently passed a new law aimed at reducing dark money activities such as the financing of terrorist organizations and money laundering. This legislation, known as the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) will be administered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, otherwise known to most as FinCEN. It takes effect January 1, 2024. This... Read more »

Words Matter – The Pitfalls of Using “Please Advise” in Professional Communication

  When navigating the seas of professional writing, it’s crucial to be mindful of phrasing. A commonly-used phrase, “please advise,” can sometimes, inadvertently, lead to choppy waters. Here’s why you may want to reconsider using it in your professional emails, legal documents, or other correspondences. The Ambiguity of the Ask “Please advise” is a blanket... Read more »