Important New Restrictions for Suburban Landlords

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Suburban Landlor restrictions

The new “Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance” creates hidden pitfalls that all existing landlords, as well as purchasers of multi-units in Cook County (except for Chicago, Evanston and other municipalities with home-rule landlord tenant ordinances), would do well to learn and avoid.

Safety AND privacy – How do you find the proper balance?

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  Post-Shelter-In-Place: A Primer For Landlords – Part One in a Four-Part Series We don’t know exactly when the Illinois Shelter-In-Place order will be lifted, but we can, and should, start preparing for it. And while the laws and situations are still changing, here are the most current answers to the most frequently asked questions:… Read more »

How can I control real estate showings in the shadow of COVID-19?

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Over the course of the past week, we have fielded dozens of requests for clarification on how property owners and homeowner associations can protect themselves from exposure to COVID-19 in the context of real estate showings. Because of the critical importance that social distancing plays in avoiding catastrophic levels of infected citizens overwhelming our medical… Read more »

How can I protect my Development project from COVID-19?

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  The health and economic impacts of the Coronavirus epidemic will assuredly touch virtually every corner of the World before it is brought under control. And while the virus has many fearing for their health, it is casting a much longer and darker shadow over many sectors of our national and global economies. As voluntary… Read more »