Commercial and Residential Real Estate Services

Whether buying or selling a commercial or residential property, leasing or managing, or leading a board of advisors, the professionals at Erwin Law are here to help with all your real estate needs.

Residential Purchases and Sales.  Erwin Law assists clients in all levels of these transactions, beginning with contract review through to closing. For purchasers, we assist in ensuring that all due diligence requirements are met. We guide through the loan process, and clarify tax, legal and other consequences. For sellers, we handle all conveyance issues, from title clearance matters to loan payoffs, and through transfer of ownership. We provide escrow services, negotiation of post-closing agreements and other value-added services.

Commercial Transactions. Whether purchasing or selling multi-unit apartment buildings or multi-purpose large-scale developments, Erwin Law handles contract drafting and negotiation, and assists and counsels through due diligence. Our range of experience includes involvement with properties requiring high-risk analysis such as dry cleaners and industrial sites, and we’ve had great success working on complex transactions fraught with litigation and other hurdles.

Development and Investment. Erwin Law’s clients include real estate developers and investors involved in apartment buildings, condominium projects of all types and sizes, and construction of single family homes. Our counsel covers areas including optimal company structure, tax deferral strategies, litigation avoidance and preparation strategies, and risk mitigation.

Commercial Leasing.  We represent landlords and tenants in the drafting and negotiation of commercial leases. Whether a storefront lease in a condominium setting, or a big-box lease in a major mall, Erwin Law has the expertise to guide our clients in maximizing their objectives while eliminating the opportunity for litigation.

Evictions. Erwin Law represents both residential and commercial landlords in the eviction of defaulting tenants. Based off a flat-fee pricing structure, our litigation team employs aggressive and innovative methods to ensure efficient obtainment of judgments that fully compensate our landlord clients when their tenants breach their lease.

Condominium Associations. Erwin Law represents associations and helps guide their directors through operational and legal issues. Our counsel in this area covers the drafting, review and assessment of the documents that govern condominium and homeowner associations, and our litigation team stands at the ready when rule enforcement and assessment collection disputes arise.

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