Corporate Counsel and Legal Services

Erwin Law can help you through the complexities of establishing your small to mid-sized business and set you up for long-term success – from entity selection to contract preparation to operations management, and every other step in between.

Corporate Formation: Erwin Law provides clients with expert counsel in the formation of, and framework for, any new business enterprise. Beginning with an assessment of the clients’ objectives and plans, we offer guidance and assistance ranging from the selection of entity type, to governmental compliance requirements and risk mitigation.

Contracts: Erwin Law applies the collective experience of the various departments within the firm in the drafting, negotiating, defending and analyzing of corporate contracts. Our litigation expertise assures our clients are armed with contracts that protect them and their business interests. We apply those same skills in drafting agreements that minimize client exposure, risk and loss.

At Erwin Law, we’re committed to providing our clients news and information related to business and other legal issues that may affect them.  For insight on a wide variety of important topics, go to