Buying or selling the right property — and at the right price – always feels like a big win, for everyone involved.

And it is.

So, oftentimes, real estate agents will finish one deal and move quickly on to the next. But the most successful agents understand that every closing opens up a whole host of other needs for their clients … and see it as a significant opportunity to provide added value.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you elevate your standing each time you refer them to a reputable, reliable resource, be it an Association Management Company, a Landscape Architect or a Law Firm.

Many post-sale and post-purchase issues are legal in nature. Depending on the property type, your clients may need assistance with developing the property, asset protection, leasing out their property, liability protection, title, contract, or fraud claims, construction defects, investment disputes, use of their property in their business or issues involving how to best manage their properties for future family generations.

Whether it’s buying, selling, managing, or bequeathing property, it’s imperative your clients have the resources to protect their hard-earned assets. And a feather in your cap if you can guide them. Erwin Law concentrates in both transactional law and litigation – with practice areas in Real Estate, Business, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning.

Real estate closings can open the door for you to provide greater service to your clients. And that could be the start of a long and satisfying relationship. For more information, call Erwin Law at 773-525-0153, or go to